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February & March months usually see our suppliers and producers release the previous years wine vintages so we SHOULD be heading to London to taste 40+ wines. They show off the New Vintages, Old favourites, new blends and wines that they want to introduce to the UK market. We are currently adding 2-3 bottles per month based on what is selling and our customer feedback. Having only launched in October 2020, Wine Social already boasts over 80 bottles in the portfolio.

CartizzePersonally, I start with the sparkling wines, we meet up again with our friends that supply our Prosecco & Champagne. A Prosecco from a very very exclusive area called Cartizze, the grapes are always picked a little later than normal, this extra couple of weeks on the vine help to mature the taste and make this one of my favourite bottles ever. We are introducing this to Wine Social this year, it is the same price as Champagne but boy it’s worth it.
Next, heading to the white wines, I don’t just go in and drink any old wine, we look at the portfolio and think about gaps we can fill in our existing portfolio. 2021 we would have been looking at a premium Pinot Grigio for around £10/11, a couple of German wines as we currently do not have any and also possibly an English wine.
Rosé wines are next, I love Rosé from every country. From the deep coloured Rioja Rosé through to the sweet Zinfandel from the USA and everything in between. Probably my favorite will be the Provence rose, a bit of acidity, fruitiness and a very elegant mouthfeel like the Diamarine, Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé we currently stock. Our popular  Rosé Trio - contains some beautiful bottles:
Whirlwind Trip Around Provence

Whispering Angel Château d'Esclans | St Tropez

Diamarine | Inland near La Val

Domaine de la Vieille Tour | South of Marseille

Lastly, red wine, big bold reds. We are very well covered for Malbec options at Wine Social so we would have been looking for a Rioja for under £9, a French Merlot and a French Cabernet Sauvignon again all under £9 or £10. Our best selling case for our Hertfordshire delivery customers is our Power of Six box so we like to refresh a bottle or so a month as they are all receiving great feedback.

Please be assured I take copious number of notes and I am pretty good at remembering the wines anyway, so it’s not just a ‘big jolly’ as my wife describes it. IT’S WORK!!!! And I'm very happy to do it.

A great way to expand your existing wine picks is to join our Wine Club. This is a monthly subscription delivery service where you can alternate between red wine, white wine and a mixed case. We send out wine notes and food pairing information. We have a special joining off for just 99p*



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