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Gordon | Co Owner

“You started a new business during a pandemic, are you mad?!” This was said to me numerous times during the nightmare year that was 2020. But yes, myself and Karen thought we had the passion, drive, enthusiasm, experience, confidence and most importantly quality products to let us think we could start the business and turn it into a success.

With my experience running Paramount Wines and Karen's connections around St Albans we felt made this collaboration a perfect match - Wine Social was born!!

Wine Social Portfolio


 Starting with a blank sheet for our Portfolio I viewed this list as an opportunity to bring some wines to the market that I had sampled over the years.

We needed to cover all of the familiar wine growing regions in both the new world and old world whilst getting the balance right between white, red, rose and sparkling. Over the years I’ve got to know the varieties of wines that customers buy. However, an exciting part of my job is to open up the portfolio to allow for the odd ‘experiment’ and bringing in unfamiliar wines that our customers would otherwise miss out on.

Putting the portfolio together we had one criteria at the forefront, that is quality wine. Looking at the Ceppi Barbera d’Asti from Piemonte, Italy. I tried this wine a couple of years ago and was blown away by how fantastic it is - I kept it in mind and this was one of the first wines that went down on paper as I started the building process for the Wine Social portfolio.


Champagne, Gremillet Sélection Brut NV

Next, I wanted to select a Champagne. There was only ever going to be one

choice for me, Gremillet Champagne, it is quite simply the best Champagne I have had the pleasure of tasting.

There is a thought process for every single wine we have listed on Wine Social and we are introducing new wines all the time as we build up our selections. Four months in and we have just over 80 wines. I've tasted EVERY single one of them therefore I can look all our customers in the eye and say “I love this wine, we hope you do too”



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